Our Building

Our building was formerly Morningside North parish church and stands at "Holy Corner" in Edinburgh (the junction of Colinton Road with Morningside Road). It has been extensively modified to meet local community needs.

Pictures of the building before its conversion

Inside the building before its conversion.

The ground floor before conversion. The original pulpit.

Architects drawings of the proposed conversion

Architects Drawing Architects Drawing Architects Drawing

Floor removed for laying of foundations

Removal of floor for laying foundations.

Construction of the first floor

First floor being laid

Construction of the second floor

Second floor being built.

The third floor

Third floor

Installing the walkways

Walkways being installed.

The completed floors

The three completed floors.

The roof being repaired

The roof being repaired.

The stained glass windows being reinstalled after conservation

Stained glass being reinstalled after conservation.


Find out more on this wonderful building on the Historic Scotland website.




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