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The following are a list of books that have been written about Eric Liddell.  If you use the links below to buy them then the  Eric Liddell Centre receives a small commission which we use to further our work.

Books written by Eric Liddell

The Disciplines of the Christian Life

By Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell's admirably practical guide to discipleship is as relevant today as it was for those who first read it in manuscript - his fellow prisoners in the wartime Japanese camp where he eventually died.

Books about Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell - Pure Gold

by David McCasland

The publishers of this book have a 26 page preview of it that you can download as a PDF file - Click Here.

The Flying Scotsman

by Sally Magnusson

In Japan the Crickets Cry

by Steve Metcalf

Eric Liddell - Something Greater than Gold

by Janet & Geoff Benge

Eric Liddell - Gold Medal Missionary

by Ellen Caughey

Running the Race - Eric Liddell

by John W. Keddie


Scotland's Greatest Athlete - The Eric Liddell Story

by D. P. Thomson
Out of print, but often available used from the link below.

Shantung Compound: The Story of Men and Women Under Pressure

by Langdon Gilkey

Eric Liddell (Christian Heroes: Unit Study Curriculum)

by Janet Benge, Geoff Benge

Eric Liddell - Finish the Race

by John Keddie

Finish the Race book
Buy from:  
Christian Focus Publications

Other books about Eric Liddell that appear to be out of print

Eric Liddell (Men of Faith)
Catherine Swift
Bethany House Publishers
ISBN 10: 1556611501

Eric Liddell - Running for a higher prize
Renee Taft Meloche
Gospel Folio Press
ISBN 10: 1576582302

God’s Joyful Runner
Russell W. Ramsay
May be out of print

Eric Liddell
Renee Taft Meloche
Ballantine Books (Random House Publishing Group)
ISBN 10: 0345353609



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