A selection of videos about Eric Liddell and the Eric Liddell Centre.

Now Showing: Eric Liddell Winning Gold at the Paris Olympics 1924

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Eric Liddell Winning Gold at the Paris Olympics 1924

This video is copyright of the International Olympic Committee and used with their permission.

Eric Liddell - Champion of Conviction

Two clips from this documentary film which features interviews with Eric's daughter and people who were in the internment camp with him.

Eric Liddell - Champion of Conviction 2

Lord Puttnam - Eric Liddell: All of Life is a Race

Our Magic Circle: Reflections of Eric Liddell by His Daughter Maureen

The Eric Liddell Story

Animated film for Children by

The Eric Liddell Story - Chinese (Mandarin) version

Longer trailer, but in Chinese.

Beyond The Chariots

Excerpt of a play about Eric Liddell's life in China after the Olympics performed by Rich Swingle.

Reel to Real: Dedication

This video was first published on Damaris' Pollard on Film website ( ) © Damaris Trust Wed 27 June 2012.

Video showing development of the Centre from 1980-2010

Promotional Video for our room hire service

Commercially Released DVDs

The following are a list of commerically released DVDs and videos that have been made about Eric Liddell.  

Eric Liddell: Champion of Conviction
Vision Video



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