1. 1899 - Eric Liddell's parents, Rev James Liddell and Mary Liddell, on their wedding day. © Eric Liddell Centre.

2. 1902 Liddell Family, Tientsin, North China Rob & Baby Eric © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

3. 1903 - Eric Liddell and his father. © Eric Liddell Centre.

4. 1905 The Liddell Family with Mrs Rees and her 2 daughters, Siat Chang, N China. © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

5. 1907 - The Liddell Family photographed in Drymen, Scotland. ©Eric Liddell Centre.

6. 1908 - Rob Liddell and Eric Liddell at Eltham College. © Eric Liddell Centre.

7. 1908 Brothers: Eric & Rob Liddell © Eric Liddell Centre.

8. 1908 - Eric (far left) with his gird (hoop) at Drymen © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

9. 1908 Liddell Family May 1908 © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

10. 1915 - Rob, Jenny, Ernest and Eric Liddell. © Eric Liddell Centre.

11. 1917 - Eric and Rob Liddell in the 1st Cricket XI at Eltham College. © Eric Liddell Centre.

12. 1918 - Eric Liddell as captain of the rugby 1st XV at Eltham College. © Eric Liddell Centre.

13. 1920 - Christmas. Jenny, Eric, Ernest, Rob and Mary Liddell. © Eric Liddell Centre.

14. 1920 - Passenger list from the P&O ship Nagoya 31st march 1920, showing Eric Liddell's mother, brother and sister (highlighted) boarding at Shanghai for their return to the UK. They came back to the UK a year in advance of James Liddell's furlough to prepare a home in Edinburgh.

15. Eric Liddell's Cycling Tour to Ben Nevis, April 1921 © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

16. 1921 - Edinburgh University One Mile Relay Team © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

17. 1921 - Eric Liddell at Forbes Road Edinburgh © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

18. Eric Liddell the athlete taken between 1922-24 © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

19. 1922 - Eric Liddell's first appearance as a Rugby International (for Scotland). Photo taken at Inverleith. © Scottish Rugby Union Archives

20. 1922 - Eric Liddell's first Scotland cap for Rugby. © Scottish Rugby Union Archives

21. 1922 - A photograph of Eric Liddell taken at Inverleith Rugby Club in Edinburgh. © Scottish Rugby Union Archives

22. 1922 - Eric showing classic form to win again. © Former Central Press Photos Ltd

23. 1922 - Portrait of Eric Liddell representing Scotland at athletics. © Eric Liddell Centre.

24. 1923 - Eric Liddell and his running coach Tom McKerchar in Edinburgh. © J Keddie

25. Eric Liddell and Tom McKerchar. © Eric Liddell Centre.

26. Eric Liddell Olympic Portrait July 1924 © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

27. 1924 - Eric Liddell graduated with a BSc in Science from Edinburgh University. © Eric Liddell Centre.

28. 1924 - Eric Liddell being chaired from the graduation ceremony at the McEwan Hall in Edinburgh after his graduation with a BSc in Science. © Corbis

29. 1924 - Eric Liddell at the British Empire versus United States of America (Relays), Saturday, 19th July. Stamford Bridge, London. © Getty Images

30. 1924 - Eric Liddell in the 400m semi final at the Paris Olympics. © Former Miroir Des Sports.

31. 1924 - Eric Liddell at a masquerade ball on the SS Republic in May, on his way to compete in the USA as guest of the Cambridge University relay team. © Sir Arthur Marshall

32. 1924 - Eric Liddell at the Paris Olympics. © Former Miroir Des Sports

33. 1924 - Eric Liddell in his gold medal winning 400m final at the Paris Olympics. © Former Miroir Des Sports.

34. 1924 - Eric Liddell in his gold medal winning 400m final at the Paris Olympics. © Eric Liddell Centre

35. 1924 - Eric Liddell also competed as part of the relay team at the Paris Olympics. This photograph was taken at Stamford Bridge eight days later. © Eric Liddell Centre.

36. 1924 - At Stamford Bridge on 19th July with the British Empire relay team. Competing against the USA eight days after his Olympic triumph, Liddell ensured the BE team won the event in 3 mins. © Eric Liddell Centre.

37. 1924 - Rob Liddell marries Ria in Edinburgh. Eric and Jenny seated. © Eric Liddell Centre.

38. 1925 - The Union Church Bible Class in Tientsin, China. Eric Liddell circled. © Eric Liddell Centre.

39. 1925 - The Liddell family at Beidihe, China, Summer 1925. © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

40. 1925 - Liddell family gathering, Pei-tai-ho © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

41. 1926 - Rob, Jenny, Eric and Ernest Liddell with Dr John Wright, Ria Liddell, Mrs Mary Liddell and Ian Wright. © Eric Liddell Centre.

42. 1927 - The Liddell Family. © Eric Liddell Centre.

43. 1930 - Eric Liddell and Florence Mackenzie as best man and bridesmaid at a friends wedding in China. © Eric Liddell Centre.

44. 1930 - Union Church Sunday School picnic. Eric Liddell was one of the leaders of the Sunday School and Bible Class. © Former China Illustrated Review

45. 1932 - Liddell Family at Carcant, Scotland. © Eric Liddell Centre.

46. 1934 - Eric Liddell marries Florence Mackenzie. © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

47. Rob & Eric Liddell unshaven at Siao Chang, N China 1938 © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

48. Eric Liddell in 1940 © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

49. A Portrait of Eric Liddell. © Eric Liddell Centre.

50. A Portrait of Eric Liddell. © Eric Liddell Centre.

51. Eric Liddell at Xiaochang, China during World War 2 where he was crossing Japanese lines to bring aid to the Chinese. © Eric Liddell Centre.

52. Eric Liddell in tropical attire.© Eric Liddell Centre.

53. Map of the Concentration Camp at Weihsien. © Eric Liddell Centre.

54. This statue of Eric Liddell on display in the Reception of Old College at the University of Edinburgh. Eric Liddell's Olympic medals are also on display there. © Eric Liddell Centre.

55. Eric and Jenny Liddell on the beach, Pei-tai-ho, N China © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

56. Eric and Jenny Liddell on the beach 2, Pei-tai-ho, N China © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

57. Robertson, Brown, Dunn and Eric Liddell © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

58. Pei-tai-ho gathering, N China © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

59. Liddell Family in Pei-tei-ho, China © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

60. L-R, Maureen, Heather and Patricia Liddell © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

61. Edinburgh 1980 Filming Chariots of Fire, Sue Caton, Ian Charleson, Jenny, Joan and Roseme © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

62. Eric Liddell in his 20s © Eric Liddell Centre. HD

63. Eric Liddell enjoying tea © Eric Liddell Centre. HD



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