Recollections of Eric Liddell by People Who Knew Him

Over the years many of the individuals associated with the Eric Liddell Centre have had the tremendous privilege of meeting or corresponding with people who knew Eric Liddell. Through this section of the website we hope that you will be able to participate in their experience of Eric and share some the pleasure that we have known in hearing or reading their very personal recollections.

As you read you will be able to capture something of the spirit of the man, his humour, his care for others, his humility and his wonderful gift for serving others. Above all you will gain an insight into the life of a man who lived out his faith in the most glorious and the most difficult of circumstances.... as reported by his contemporaries.

A.W.M. in "The Student"
In an article from "The Student" (the Edinburgh University Students Association magazine) A.W.M. writes about the beginnings of Eric Liddell's atheletics and rugby careers.

Rev. Dr. Norman Cliff
A transcript of a talk on his experiences of Weihsien Camp. He describes Eric Liddell's life and death in the camp.

Dr. George Graham-Cumming
A fellow student recounts his memories of Eric Liddell at Edinburgh University.

Dr. David J Mitchell
Dr. Mitchell tells of his experiences of Eric Liddell in the Weihsien Camp.

Dr. William Toop
Dr. Toop lived in Tientsin where he met Eric Liddell in 1925. He tells of his relationship with Eric Liddell from then into the 1930s.

B.J.S. in "The Student"
An appreciation of Eric Liddell published in "The Student" on the news of his death.

Sir Arthur Marshall
A fellow athlete who met Eric Liddell in 1924, and became a friend, talks about Eric Liddell's athletics career and his Olympic gold medal winning race. 

Dr. Kenneth McAll
Dr McAll knew Eric Liddell from school and university and later worked with him in Siaochang hospital during the war.

The Hon. Lt. Col. T.M. Riddell
A fellow athlete talks of the inspiration Eric Liddell was in his running and in his life.

Stephen A. Metcalf
Stephen Metcalf talks about Eric Liddell.

H. K. Cheng, GBS, OBE
H. K. Cheng talks about his teacher Eric Liddell

Frank Allan Maxwell
My Hero Eric H. Liddell

Grace McNeil
Memories of “Uncle Eric”.

Recollections of Eric Liddell on other websites:

Robert Lackman, Shanghai Star
"China's forgotten Scottish Olympic hero"

Missionaries share recollections of Eric Liddell whom they knew as a fellow prisoner in the Japanese concentration camp in Wei Hsien, China.



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